First Seder Easy to follow - early finish Seder

Fri, 04/06/2012 - 6:30pm - 9:45pm

First Seder Friday April 6,  easy to follow - early finish Seder with Children’s Seder Program 

At the Rocky Mountain Room at  Front Range Community College - 3465 W 112th Ave. Westminster 


About Our Seders

This Seder is geared for singles, couples and families of all ages who appreciate an early finishing Seder but don't want to miss out on the beautiful Seder traditions and meaningful commentary. Our children's program also makes this a great choice for families with young children.



Seder Schedule


Shabbat Candle Lighting Ceremony - 6:30 PM

Blessing on Wine - 6:45 PM

Passover Meal - 6:50 PM

Kiddush (blessing on wine) - 8:00 PM

Mah Nishtana & Seder readings- 8:10 PM

Matzah and Bitter Herbs- 8:40 PM

Dessert and Afikomen- 9:00 PM

Cup of Elijah and Grace - 9:15 PM

Seder Songs - 9:30 PM

Approx Conclusion - 9:45 PM




Reservations made
Before March 31

$18 adult - $10 child 12 and under

After March 31
$25 adult - $15 child 12 and under

Reservation can be made by returning enclosed card, calling 303.429.5177 or by visiting




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Denver West (W. of Kipling)

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